20 July 2009

Issues with Creating DAL (Data Access Layer)

Some of the basic issues with creating DAL (Data Access Layer) are shared below.
  • When any TableAdapter is added in a strongly typed DataSet (name: Northwind)
    1. a namespace (name: NorthwindTableAdapters) is created for the TableAdapters in the DataSet.
  • When a TableAdapter (name: Products) is added to a DataSet (name: Northwind)
    1. A DataTable type (name: Northwind.ProductsDataTable) is created in the DataSet
    2. The created DataTable contains a collection of DataRows (name: Northwind.ProductsRow)
    3. A TableAdapter is created in the TableAdapters' namespace (name: NorthwindTableAdapters.ProductsTableAdapter)

  • SCOPE_IDENTITY() function in SQLServer returns the last identity value inserted. Details found here.

  • In case of insert query in TableAdapter, the default 'ExecutionMode' value is 'NonQuery' meaning the query will return the number of afftected rows. The ExecutionMode value 'Scalar' means that the query will return the value actually returned by the query (not number of afftected rows).

15 July 2009

Show/Hide Form Title in Taskbar in C#

The required property is Form.ShowInTaskbar.


Form2 f2 = new Form2(); // inherited Form class

f2.ShowInTaskbar = false;



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