26 May 2010

CSS for printing

I'm feeling excited knowing that we can have different css styles for normal web-view and for printing. Say, in your website there is an image which you don't want to be available for printing. You can do so simply adding some css style (display:none) for printing (media="print"). Here is the example

<style type="text/css" media="print">
display: none;

Here is the image: <img class="noPrint" src="myPicture.jpg" />

Inline css is like below

@media print {

02 May 2010

How to integrate SVN with Visual Studio using AnkhSVN


Enable AnkhSVN for source control

  • In Visual Studio, select Tools > Options.
  • In the Options window, select "Plug-in Selection" under "Source Control".
  • Select "AnkhSVN - Subversion Support for Visual Studio" for "Current source control plug-in".

Connect a project to AnkhSVN

  • Open the project in Solution Explorer.
  • From the File menu in Visual Studio, select Subversion > Change Source Control .
  • In the Change Source Control window, select the row containing your project or solution, and click Connect.
  • Click Ok

Add a solution to a repository

  • Open your solution in the Solution Explorer
  • Right-click your solution and select "Add Solution to Subversion". To add specific projects rather than the containing solution, you can select "Add Selected Projects to Subversion" instead. The "Add to Subversion" dialog appears.
  • Specify the URL to your Subversion repository.
  • To add the solution to a new subdirectory, select the "Create Folder" option, and enter a directory name and log message.
  • Select File > Subversion > Pending Changes. select the files you want to commit, write log message and click on Commit.

For more info: http://help.collab.net/index.jsp?topic=/com.collabnet.doc.anksvn_001/action/ankh_getting_started.html


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