15 March 2010

Google Groups Bug: Set a banned member to manager

I have found a critical bug in Google Groups!

In google groups, if you set a banned member's membership to manager, then it seems that that user becomes a non-member manager. Then it becomes impossible to change his/her membership type. You cannot even delete / invite that person again. It's a bug and it's from Google!!

There is a remedy though. You have to use firebug.

  • In management task, select 'manage members'. Navigate to the user. You'll find that the checkbox beside that user is disabled.
  • Using firebug, find the html of that checkbox and remove the disabled attribute [disabled=""]
  • Then check the checkbox.
  • Set membership to "regular member" and click corresponding ok.

06 March 2010

How to extract rar file in ubuntu?

sudo apt-get install unrar


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